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Networking Solutions



Services include
Network planning
Detailed network design
Technology and product analysis
Device installation and configuration
Operation and support



Networking the Microsoft way

Microsoft has pushed aside most of its competition and is taking command at the network level. Windows NT has become the choice of big and small business's. Usage ranges from powerful workstations, to application servers, end-to-end networking solutions and total infrastructure presence. 

That infrastructure presence starts with the BackOffice suite. It is the most complete toolkit that a company can use to take control of its data and processes.
SQL Server is one the most powerful and widely used database engines used by business's today.
Proxy Server can offer a basic security blanket for your Internet connection. Proxy server can act as a Firewall or can be used to cache web pages if your Internet pipe is small and is being shared by a number of employees. This benefit of caching pages helps reduce bandwidth and decreases the time that it takes to retrieve a web page.
Networking the Novell way
Novell has been the corner stone of Network Operating systems for years. Novell has been the pioneer in PC based networks and still dominates the number of currently deployed networks. 
IntranetWare™ combines Novell's premier networking foundation with its new intranet services to create a powerful intranet platform. intranetWare provides IP and IPX access to its intranet resources - Web servers, FTP servers, Internet connections and more. This full-service business intranet provides superior file and print, security, management and directory services.
Whether it be the Microsoft way or Novell way, we can help you find your way in today's world of Networking solutions.

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