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  Internet Information Server         Windows 2000

What an Intranet can do for you.
Decreasing cost on printing, postage, and administration on published documentation
Policy and procedure reference
Product information.
Access to existing Databases with a user friendly interface
Schedules, calendars, etc.
Company phonebook
Revision and approval process for publishing documents company wide



Are you looking for ways to cut costs and increase productivity? Well keep on reading because we have the solution.
We can help you design, implement, and maintain an effective Intranet environment that benefits your organization. Developing an effective Intranet starts with a strategy that fits your business. for example. Your business publishes a company news letter once a month. You can now eliminate that cost by publishing that same news letter to your companies Intranet for all to see. In turn this will cut your publishing cost and save you money in your budget.
The next step is to design and create the connectivity infrastructure if one is not already present. Even though you may have an existing LAN, we will need to evaluate it to ensure that it will support functions that an Intranet can provide you. Many products today help migrate existing applications into the Intranet environment. For example. Peoplesoft is one of the biggest application developers moving their products into web based applications.
Creating, managing, and controlling the published content on an Intranet that is established or just starting can be a major pitfall. This is where most companies fail when implementing an Intranet. We will provide you with the means and knowledge to successfully engage Intranet technology.
s the number one question on your mind how much will this cost me? Here's your answer... Since CDC is a small company we can afford to charge less for our services then our competitors, while providing you with the same professional quality and service that other high priced design companies charge.

Computer Designs Consulting doesn't believe in prepackaged model deals like other design companies use. We believe site design is not the same for every client, every client has a specific set of needs. We price our services according to what your needs are and in turn provide you the flexibility and choice to choose the features you want to have on your site. How do we provide you with the cost of your site? It all begins with the free initial consultation to determine your business needs. After your initial consultation we will price in accordance to the site features you have selected, and then provide you with a business quote.

To start your investment on the Internet or to re-design your current site, complete the Web Design Info Form or send us an email and we will be in contact with you.

Intranets can give you a common interface to your current business practices while cutting costs and improving on corporate communication.


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