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The Internet is a wide open marketplace offering you a compelling sales environment. With millions of people on the Internet today, there's no better way to expand the horizons of your business but to tap into the potential of the Web.

Keys to setting up an online shop.

  • Your Internet Service Provider must have a SSL capable server to handle secure transactions over the Web.
  • You must obtain a Site Certificate from a issuer of certificates such as Verisign.
  • Web surfers must have a SSL capable browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher or Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher.
  • Obtaining an Online Merchant Service: The process of an online merchant is that when an online shopper purchases a product the credit card information is not stored on the web server. The payment information is sent encrypted , in real-time to the online merchant service agent. The online merchant will process the transaction in the same manner as your card service merchant does now. There is additional fees for the Online Service Merchant option but provides a piece of mind for your customers. For more information about an Online Merchant please visit CyberCash.


Marty McInnis

John Vanbiesbrouck

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Paul Kariya

Patrick Roy

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Wayne Gretzky

Patrick Roy

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